• Storm Watch Tower:
    One open and one enclosed serpentine and corkscrew tube slides enable guests to experience the thrill of traveling from daylight to darkness at high velocity. Rider(s) must be at least 42″ in height to participate. Total combined weight of riders may not exceed 400 lbs. Total weight of a single rider may not exceed 300 lbs.
  • Cyclone:
    54″ Open Flume Tube Slide measuring 356.1 feet in length.
  • Black Squall:
    54″ Enclosed Flume Tube Slide measuring 357.2 feet in length.
Storm Watch Tower | Castaway Cove Water Park - Wichita Falls, TX

Attraction Rules

Ride vehicle is not allowed on attraction or in pool. One rider at a time, expect in the case of small child tiding in parents lap. Please ride feet first, lying on back with legs crossed at ankles and arms crossed over chest. Slide performance may decrease with lifejacket use. No standing, walking, kneeling, crawling, or headfirst riding.

Please wait outside launch area until Lifeguard instructs you to enter ride. Please do not attempt to slow down, stop, and grab part of ride or items near or on ride. If ride comes to a stop, remain lying on mat and await Lifeguard instructions. Please exit landing area immediately upon finishing attraction, other guests may be coming behind you.

Water depth and landing areas varies from 0″ to 8″. Attraction has falling water. Force of water may alter bathing suits. Do not intentionally swallow or put pool water in mouth. Regular diapers not allowed in any attraction/pool. Swim diapers available for purchase at Retail store. Life jackets available in storage containers located at shallow end of shipwreck beach at no charge, first-come first-serve basis. Children age 10 or under should be supervised at all times by a responsible person age 13 or older. No cutting in line or holding places for other guests. Violators will be required to go to end of line. No running, diving, unruly behavior, daredevil stunts & horseplay. Attraction not recommended for expectant mothers, persons with history of neck, back, joint, or heart problems, overweight persons, or persons with physically limiting conditions. Look at attraction and decide if you can safely participate. You are the best judge of your limitations. For your safety, please follow Lifeguard instructions at all times. Failure to follow rules may result in injury to yourself or others, or refusal of service.