Castaway Cove Waterpark TV Commercial (2009)

Splash down all summer with a Castaway Cove Season Pass!

Annie’s Quest

42″ Open Flume Matt Slide measuring 330 feet in length!

Black Squall

54″ Enclosed Flume Tube Slide measuring 357.2 feet in length!


40 foot high combination wet/dry ride that propels riders from side-to-side in single, or double person rafts. The steep entry onto the slide surface provides riders with the thrill of “Free Falling”. They then experience the force of “Zero Gravity” while oscillating through the valley to the other face of the slide.


54″ open flume tube slide measuring 356.1 feet in length!

Tommy’s Torrent

22″ Open Flume Speed Slide measuring 200.3 feet in length!